You can't have great care without financial stability.

For many rural hospitals the greatest challenges are not faced in the emergency room, but instead the accounting department.

The business side of healthcare is extremely difficult. And make no mistake, whether it’s a hospital or nursing home, nonprofit or for profit, community owned or privately owned – every facility is a business. Now consider that you are in an industry where regulations and reimbursement rates are constantly changing. Even the most successful accounting and finance people have a tough time accurately navigating the turbulent healthcare industry, especially the rural healthcare sector. In rural healthcare there is simply no substitute for experience. Vestra’s experience in Revenue Cycle Management in the rural healthcare industry is virtually unmatched.

Expertise is Earned.

With four decades of rural healthcare experience under our belts, we have turned gained knowledge into sheer expertise. Vestra’s leadership is responsible for some of the most innovative moves in rural healthcare. Our Revenue Cycle Management has transformed hospitals that were on the brink of closure and we’ve taken stagnant hospitals to unimaginable levels of service. Vestra has hands-on billing and collections experience in virtually every aspect of rural community care, from private practices to Critical Access Hospitals.

Vestra Revenue Cycle Management

Cash flow is vital to any business. In today’s healthcare environment it is the crucial element for our hospitals and health facilities to thrive. Vestra takes pride in partnering with hospitals, health systems, rural health clinics, nursing facilities and many more to make the most efficient and productive revenue cycle program that is tailored to providers who recognize the importance of the dollar.

Our Program Includes:
  • Specialized Policies and Procedures
  • National Comparison Benchmarking
  • Centralized Business Office
  • Training and Education Programs
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting
  • Revenue Cycle Scorecard
  • Admissions Oversight
  • Denial Management

How We Are Different

Vestra takes a holistic approach to the revenue cycle. Each department within a health organization has a hand in maximizing efficiency. We have a specific training program that not only trains the local business office manager, but also provides ongoing process improvement to assist that manager with resolving issues throughout the entire revenue cycle process.

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